16 April 2014

Make a couch from an extra mattress!

30 March 2014 1 note

Baby crow, future king

2 March 2014 9 notes

Re-designed a game as gift to my love using graphics from Patapon.

25 February 2014

The City re-imagining is complete! It started out as a personal challenge to replace German-language text in the card game with an icon system and ended up as a personal edition complete with a box.

11 February 2014

Designed a guitar case, because why not?

26 December 2013

Happy holidays; also, new year!

10 November 2013

Set of graphics for the weekend sale, used in-store and on Facebook

23 September 2013

Morning workout with the bear

15 September 2013

My calendar generator uses Javascript to produce a minimalist printable A4-sized yearly calendar. Weekends are included, but not holidays. Great for habit tracking!